Hello, I am Pepper the Dog!

Thank you for visiting my homepage.
I enjoy eating treats and chasing birds.
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24th September 2018

Waiting for spring to start.
Soon I will chase the birds.
And I can eat flowers again!

11th June 2018

Winter sure is cold again.
I got a new jacket this winter.
It's good to be a hot dog!

8th January 2018

I got my treat at last.
I'm going to eat it on this carpet.
I am a good dog!

17th November 2017

I am on the couch today.
This is a marvellous place to stay.
I hope nobody steals my couch.

27th September 2017

Spring has arrived at last.
I got to go outside and chase cats.
Then I got a treat, what a day!

21st August 2017

Winter sure is cold. Spring is coming soon.
I will hide up on this tall tower watching.
Spring will be here soon, and then summer!

23rd October 2016

Spring is taking too long to warm up.
I borrowed this woolly blanket.
At least I think it is a blanket.

21st September 2016

It is very cold in winter, I like to stay inside.
I get to wear my warm jacket.
This rug is my favourite.

20th August 2016

Today was an exciting day, I got to go outside.
There were some birds and I chased them away.
I got to roll around on the grass.

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